Global Education

Field Trips and Study Abroad Management

The Program Coordinator for Global Education will manage all field trips through the College. Faculty members should alert the program coordinator of intent to take the field trip as soon as possible, and submit all paperwork by the application deadlines listed below.

All full semester study abroad program will be managed by the TAMU study abroad office. For more information , see

Application Deadlines

Faculty members should complete the Global Education Proposal Application for Program Support available in myCEHD. Applications deadlines are as follows:

  • Spring term experiences: June 1
  • Summer term experiences: October 1
  • Fall term experiences: December 1

Priority is given to programs in Latin America and the Caribbean, and to programs that are cost effective for students. Proposals are also evaluated based on (1) how the experience will result in a high-impact learning experience for your students, (2) how the location enhances student learning, (3) the anticipated or documented academic or career benefits to Texas A&M students, and (4) are there additional High Impact Learning Experience associated with this trip.

Student Billing

To facilitate the billing associated with the field trip, faculty members must provide (1) a complete roster (student names, major, and UIN) and (2) signed withdrawal forms from each student on the roster, to the global education coordinator by following dates:

  • Spring term experiences: October 1
  • Summer term experiences: February 1
  • Fall term experiences: March 1

Students will be billed a $500 deposit after the paperwork is received, and they will be billed the remainder of the balance one month later. No additional students can be added to the roster after these dates.


Alice Zhang
Program Coordinator