Global Education


Short-Term Group Trips and Study Abroad Management

The Program Coordinator for Global Education will manage all short-term group trips through the College. Faculty members should alert the program coordinator of intent to take the field trip as soon as possible, and submit all paperwork by the application deadlines listed below.

All full semester study abroad program will be managed by the TAMU study abroad office. For more information , see

Each participating student of a CEHD global education program is required to complete a reflection concentrating on the travel experience portion of the course.

Application Deadlines

Faculty members should complete the Global Education Proposal Application for Program Support available in myCEHD. Applications deadlines are as follows:

Short-term Group Trips (more than 50% of the course is taught on campus)

  • Fall Term Experiences: December 1
  • Spring Term Experiences: June 1
  • Summer Term Experiences: October 1

Faculty-led Trips (more than 50% of the course is taught overseas)

  • Fall Term Experiences: October 1
  • Spring Term Experiences: March 1
  • Summer Term Experiences: May 1

Proposals are also evaluated based on:

  1. To what degree is the trip associated with high-impact learning experiences for the students?
    • High-impact learning experiences provide students with opportunity to: 1) apply, integrate, and synthesize knowledge from curricular and co-curricular experiences, 2) have diverse interactions with those different from self, 3) invest time and effort in purposeful tasks that result in learning, 4) express awareness of individual impacts of experience to self, others, and the larger world, and 5) interact with faculty, peers, and staff/advisors about substantive matters over extended periods of time.
  2. How does the location enhance high impact learning?
  3. How the proposed program enhances students’ career benefits and lifelong learning?
    • Lifelong learning refers to “purposeful learning activity, undertaken on an ongoing basis with the aim of improving knowledge, skills, and competence” (Lifelong Learning Value Rubric).
  4. How the proposed program supports and facilitates the development of intercultural knowledge, diversity, equity, and access
    • Consider what detail the program provides students opportunity to enhance self-awareness through examining one’s own cultural rules, norms, and biases. How do programs intentionally expose students’ different cultural worldviews, modes of communication, and other interactions?

Student Billing

To facilitate the billing associated with the field trip, faculty members must provide (1) a complete roster (student names, major, and UIN) and (2) signed withdrawal forms from each student on the roster, to the global education coordinator by following dates:

  • Spring term experiences: November 10
  • Summer term experiences: March 10
  • Fall term experiences: April 10

Students will be billed full trip fees minus CEHD funding in:

Fall Term Spring Term Summer Term
Mid April Mid November Mid March

It will be due in:

Fall Term Spring Term Summer Term
Mid April Early December Early April

Withdraw Policy

Please refer to the withdraw policy for cancelation dates and more information.


Alice Zhang
Program Coordinator