Skill Enhancement Pay

Job Related Skill Enhancement Pay



To outline college policy as it relates to rewarding staff who take initiative to increase their skill level through a prescribed course of study as it relates to their job.


  1. The employee provides a transcriptable degree, certificate, license or other evidence of mastering a body of knowledge obtained through a prescribed program of study that is directly related to the position held;
  2. The employee has an overall performance evaluation of “Meets Expectations” or higher;
  3. The employee has not received a Job-Related Skill Enhancement Pay Increase in the last 12 months;
  4. The request must be made within 3 months of obtaining the certification;
  5. The dean must approve all requests.


Once approved, the base pay of the employee will be increased by the amounts listed below:

  • Certificate – 2%
  • Associate’s Degree – 3%
  • Bachelor’s Degree – 5%
  • Master’s Degree – 10%
  • Doctorate – 10%


This policy is consistent with TAMU Standard Administrative Procedure 31.01.01.M5.03 – Job-Related Skill Enhancement Pay