College of Education Research & Development is a unit within the Dean’s Office of the College of Education & Human Development (CEHD) tasked with strategically leveraging resources to increase CEHD’s research competitiveness. The Research Development team works directly with faculty, Institute administration, strategic partners and funders to facilitate research program funding and award management.

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  • Offer help identifying funding opportunities.
  • Provide proposal budgeting and planning.
  • Prepare and submit proposal materials.
  • Coordinate contracts & post-award set-up.

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  • Ensure account set-up and plan expenditures.
  • Process financial transactions
  • Provide the financial report of expenditures.
  • Monitor account activities.
  • Act as a liaison for account management.
  • Ensure compliance in sponsored project policies.

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Harrington Tower
Suite 428
540 Ross St., College Station, TX 77840

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CERD Pre Award Contacts
Senior Research Development Officer:
 Julie Svetlik | 845-4787
EAHR, EPSY, & TLAC: Jason Foley | 845-5353 | 428E EDCT
HLKN: Ann Savell | 845-0398 | 428B EDCT

CERD Post-Award Initial Contacts
EAHR: Modesta Molina | 845-4790 | mmolina@tamu.ed
EPSY: Tracy LaTourette | 845-2413 | tlatourette@tamu.edu
HLKN: Clayton Holle | 845-8734 | cholle@tamu.edu
TLAC: Kristin Ebner | 845-4825 | kebner@tamu.edu