Faculty Advisory Council

The Faculty Advisory Council serves as an advisory body to the Dean. The council develops ideas and recommends programs for the improvement of the college. The council consists of three faculty-elected members, one member from each department, and the Faculty Senate Caucus Leader.

The council has monthly meetings, and all members of the faculty may attend.

Minutes Request

2020 – 2021 Members

Glenda Musoba - CHAIR

EAHR Term 2021-2024 (1st)


EAHR Term 2017-2020 (1st)

Jeffrey Gagne

EPSY Term 2018-2021 (1st)

Shevon Harvey

HLKN Term 2016- Dec 2020


EPSY Term 2017-2020 (1st)

Michael Thornton

HLKN Term 2021-2024

James Laub

TLAC Term 2020-2024

Cheryl Craig

TLAC Term 2021-2024


Regular term is 3 years. Members may not serve more than 2 consecutive terms even if one term may be less than 3 years.