Office of Organization Development and Diversity Initiatives

Our Mission

Central to the mission of the College of Education and Human Development is the development of individuals to learn, educate, discover, serve, and lead in a culture of diversity. To help fulfill this mission, the Office of Organization Development and Diversity Initiatives provides strategic oversight for initiatives that create an equitable and inclusive environment for students, staff, and faculty.

Our History

Established in 2008, the Office of Organization Development and Diversity Initiatives oversees the college’s strategic initiatives related to creating an equitable and inclusive environment. A college-wide committee on diversity initiatives made up of faculty, students, staff and administrators served as the advisory board to ODDI and provided guidance to the college. This committee was recognized by the Texas A&M Division of Student Affairs and the Office for Diversity with the Diversity Service Award in 2014. In 2015, goals to enhance climate, diversity, equity and inclusion became part of the college’s strategic plan. In addition, the college strengthened the roles of student, faculty, and staff advisory groups which also added to the network of support for diversity initiatives.

CEHD Equity and Social Justice Collective

Formed in the summer of 2020, The CEHD Equity and Social Justice Collective has been working to centralize and further expand our existing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts in and through the college. The Collective serves as an umbrella under or through which academic departments and program areas, offices and units, centers and labs, groups and committees, and individuals in the college can magnify and continue to do important work to advance climate, diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice in and through the college.

The Collective was created with the following long-term aims in mind:

1. Identify faculty, staff, and students across CEHD whose scholarly and other interests are (in)directly tied to equity issues

2. Provide supportive collaborations between and among individuals across CEHD doing equity and social justice minded work

3. Produce technical, practical, and emancipatory knowledge that can help inform policy, processes, and practices related to racial and other forms of justice in CEHD and beyond

For more questions or information about the collective please contact Patrice French (, program manager for ODDI and John N. Singer (, associate dean for diversity and inclusion.


Climate Awards

The CEHD Climate Awards recognizes a faculty or staff member in CEHD who has positively affected the College in the areas of climate, diversity, and/or equity.

Previous Award Winners



Sarah Oakley, Teaching, Learning and Culture


Miranda Walichoswki, Educational Psychology

Megan Patterson, Health and Kinesiology



Casey Ricketts, Dean’s Office


Sloan Milstein, Health and Kinesiology



Chandell Billings, Health and Kinesiology


Rhona Fowler, Educational Administration and Human Resource Development



Cathy Watson, Educational Psychology 

Patrice French, Dean’s Office


Krystal Cook-Simmons, Educational Psychology 

Luis Ponjuán, Educational Administration and Human Resource Development 



Windy Turner , Dean’s Office


Shanna Hagan-Burke, Educational Psychology

Jay Woodward, Educational Psychology 



Beverly Irby, Educational Administration and Human Resource Development 

Yolanda Padrón , Educational Psychology 

Christine Tisone, Health and Kinesiology

Nancy Watson, Educational Administration and Human Resource Development

ODDI Staff

Dr. John Singer

Dr. John Singer

Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion

804EHarrington Tower

Patrice French

Patrice French

Program Manager

801D Harrington Tower
(979) 845-4691

Anna Nouzovsky

Anna Nouzovsky

Graduate Assistant for Diversity and Inclusion

Links and Resources

Gender-inclusive Bathrooms

Located in

  • Harrington Tower- Room 636-Gender neutral/handicapped accessible
  • Harrington Tower- Room 227B –Gender neutral/handicapped accessible

Find more gender inclusive bathrooms on campus. Select “Unisex Bathroom” in the legend.

Lactation Rooms

Located in Harrington Tower- 227A 

This room is a designated lactation room with an upholstered chair, foot stool, built-in counter, refrigerator, sink, paper towels and electrical outlets. It is located off the main hall on the 2nd floor and has a trilogy (punch code) lock on the door.

To receive a code visit one of the departmental administrative offices in the building: Dean’s Office – Room 801, Educational Administration & Human Resource Development – Room 511, Educational Psychology – Room 704, or Teaching Learning & Culture – Room 308. For more information or questions regarding the space, please contact the building proctor at (979) 458-3657.

Find more lactation rooms on campus. Select “Lactation Room” in the legend.