Dr. Jane Stallings, former dean of the College of Education and Human Development at Texas A&M University, was a distinguished educator and author whose career involved the improvement of education for students while elevating the teaching profession.

Her efforts eventually led her to Texas A&M, where she made Aggie history. In 1990, Dr. Stallings was selected as Dean of the College of Education — the first female to ever hold a deanship at the university of a once all-male military school. During her time as dean, Stallings made huge strides for the college, by increasing female and minority leadership within the College of Education. She enacted a policy of actively pursuing candidates who had promise of bringing diverse perspectives on educational issues, which led to a greater yield of minority and female hired faculty.



  • Achieved senior undergraduate classification (defined as having completed 90 hours at the time of nomination) and be in good academic standing at time of nomination
  • Completed more than half of their degree requirements at Texas A&M University